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Alekhine’s Gun bring back the brutality with ’21’

It’s been all quiet on the Alekhine’s Gun front for some time now. The last sonic boom to come from the band’s camp was 2014’s ...And Kings Will Fall. However, it looks as though that silence is to be irrevocably shattered with the band returning to their brutal ways, sharing the first taste of what’s to come with their brand new single ’21’.

Hailing from Brooklyn and fronted by Orange Is The New Black star Jessica Pimentel A.K.A Maria Ruiz, Alekhine’s Gun is a unique beast right down to its very DNA. It’s not often that international celebrities toil within the dark, cavernous depths of death metal, and even rarer they do it with such panache.

What also separates Alekhine’s Gun from the pack is the main tenant of eastern spiritual influences. Those familiar with the band will already know there’s a deeper meaning behind ’21’, and they’d be right on the money. Explaining the meaning of the song to Consequence Of Sound, Pimentel says:

“’21’ is a musical offering and an act of paying homage to the primordial power within by delving deeply into calling upon the forces of fierce compassion and the wrathful aspect of love and wisdom needed in times of fear and uncertainty in order to seek refuge and gain enlightenment. Reaching beyond time and space, the bond between us and the true nature of reality is unbreakable, unstoppable and eternal.”

The band is also beginning to spread word about a forthcoming EP, Year of the Lazarus, on which ’21’ will appear. Though at this stage, it’s nothing more than hushed whispers. But, take into account the obvious step up in production, and the clear eagle eyed focus that went into ’21’, something wicked this way comes.

Though Alekhine’s Gun is yet to grace Australian stages with any shows, Pimentel did spend some time here on the press rounds in the past, strongly suggesting full-intent to bring the show Down Under.