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5 things to know about the new Fangz jam

Sydney ensemble Fangz has been causing quite a ruckus of late. The dust is yet to settle on their For Nothing EP, but already the band are taking the wild rumpus even further, today releasing their brand new single ‘Falling Out’.

Much like the group who made the thing, ‘Falling Out’ comes out snarling, going straight for the jugular with the kind of cyclonic energy that can only be captured through the lens of vigorous punk rock. The chaos clears if only for a moment to allow for a soaring chorus, before ‘Falling Out’ once again carpet bombs you with dirty distortion and the beats from a drummer who clearly calls no man Sir.

That may well be what the song sounds like, but what’s going on behind the music? We figured you’d ask so we took it to Fangz to run us through five facts about ‘Falling Out’ to know before you hit play to add even more crunch to the listening experience.

Following on from today’s release, the band will be loading up the van and hitting the highways of Australia for a run of headline dates, with the intention of spreading their brilliant chaos throughout the land.

From the boys in Fangz themselves:

1. Fangz found their singer Josh by typing the word ‘singer’ into Facebook.

“The first result was a Canadian dude looking for an avenue to find gigs for his solo folk-punk acoustic show. I clicked on his profile and saw a photo of him crowd surfing whilst singing at Vans Warped Tour. I messaged him and sent him a demo. He sent back the demo with vocals within two hours. He was in the band three days later.”

2. The song ‘Falling Out’ is about turning a negative into a positive.

“It follows the story of Josh leaving home in Nova Scotia, Canada, and illegally hitching a train to Toronto to start a better life playing in bands and following his dreams which eventually lead him to Sydney, Australia.”

3. Guitarist Sam was unaware that the song had a solo section…until the day of recording.

“Sam our guitarist was unaware that the song had a solo section until the day of recording as Stevie Knight (producer) and I (Jameel – Bass) came up with it during a late pre-production session and forgot to tell him to make something up.”

4. The night before recording the drums for ‘Falling Out’, drummer Woodie locked himself in his room.

“The night before recording the drums for ‘Falling Out’ Woodie (drummer) sought inspiration by locking himself in his room, listening to Slayer B-sides and drinking his famous cocktail “The Woodhead”. “The Woodhead” is whatever sparkling wine you have on hand with one shot of vodka in it, served warm and drunk quickly.”

5. ‘Falling Out’ is best heard live, with bee sprayed over you, as your new best friends crowd surf over your head.

So, come check us out on tour and come say g’day. We give pretty good hugs and tell plenty of funny jokes. Just ask us.”

Listen to ‘Falling Out’ by Fangz below:

Fangz ‘Falling Out’ Tour Dates

Saturday, 15th February
The Vanguard, Sydney NSW
Tickets: MoshTix

Friday, 21st February
The Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne VIC
Tickets: MoshTix

Saturday, 29th February
Greaser Bar, Brisbane QLD
Tickets: Greaser