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Age of Darkness

Aussie developers make waves with survival RTS ‘Age of Darkness: Final Stand’

If there’s one thing we here in Blunt Magazine’s gaming division love more than a fantasy survival real time strategy title in which to escape this currenty bleak reality, it’s a fantasy survival RTS from the minds of Australian developers. Luckily for us, for the first time since the recent combination of Caramilk and marble chocolate, our two favourite things have once again been fused together with Australian developers Playside Studios announcing their forthcoming release, Age of Darkness: Final Stand, with a street date of Q4, 2021.

Hushed murmurs of the project have now been built upon with the release of the first official trailer, giving us initial insight into the narrative and unique gameplay. Strategic construction, frugal resource management, and aggressive expansion will be your key weapons against a seemingly endless onslaught of mindless evil, with all of this unfolding to the stirring original score from Path of Exile composer Kamil Orman-Janowski.

You may very well have some considerable and impressive RTS hours to your name, but Age of Darkness: Final Stand is set to give the genre somewhat of a well-needed shot in the arm. With a strong lean towards unlimited replay value, the game is designed to take everything from you – more than once – while leaving you hell bent on enacting your vengeance against the evil forces that wronged you. With inbuilt SwarmTech, which allows up to 70,000 enemies to be rendered on screen at the same time, that’s set to amount to a hell of a lot of vengeance.

“The PC RTS genre is as wild and untamed as it is deep and complex. This is a space where anything goes and the player’s expectations are limitless,” said Sean Gabriel, Lead Designer on the title. “Rising to that challenge and bringing PlaySide’s special blend of personality, experience, and talent to bear has been a herculean task of which we’re exceptionally proud. With Age of Darkness: Final Stand we’ve been able to combine our passion for Action RPGs, Roguelikes, and RTS games into something wholly our own – and we’re only just getting started.”

Based in Melbourne, Playside Studios have been on an upwards trajectory for a moment now. Founded in 2011, the company is one of Australia’s fasted growing indie developers, scoring wins across the board with various releases on an array of platforms including PC, Console, VR, AR and Mobile.

Keep an eye on Steam for early access and full release details.