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Remembering when Blunt interviewed Quentin Tarantino

This article first appeared on Blunt in 2016. With the Oscars just around the corner, we thought we’d dig it up for your reading and viewing pleasure.

After sitting down with the great director and hitting two advance screenings of The Hateful Eight – one of which featured a delightfully entertaining rant from Tarantino in regards to his recent “ghetto” remarks – this is what we picked up…Original words by Lachlan Marks.

1. He’s got some big hands.

There is a lot of wild gesticulating. Be advised to remain 1.5 metres back from the subject to avoid eye gouging.

2. He’s probably on Gumtree.

From the sounds of it, in between blowing audience’s minds by showing up at local screenings of The Hateful Eight, he’s probably trawling classifieds chasing rare soundtrack vinyl.

3. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

No matter how stupid the question appears on the surface, he’s very generous when it comes to answers (our questions included). At a fan event this week, he managed to expand a very basic question that he initially responded with a simple “no” to into a 15-minute rambling commentary on modern filmmaking.

4. He loves watching his own movies, over and over again.

The famed director has been spotted quietly sitting in the crowd in local cinemas no less than three times in the past week here in Sydney. Needless to say, he’s a fan of his work and unashamedly loves to watch the crowd react to his bloody sense of humour.

5. He’s very much aware of our Tall Poppy Syndrome thing.

Tarantino cites Aussie audiences as some of the hardest to crack, so much that if he gets the laugh he’s looking for here, he knows it’s probably a really, really good one that’s gonna work well worldwide.

6. He’s backing The Hateful Eight all the way.

He’s quick to call this his best script and regardless of a litany of leaks and criticism he says he’s gonna turn this bad boy into a stage play as well.

7. He doesn’t only listen to cool stuff.

While writing The Hateful Eight, Tarantino admits he listened to a fair bit of The Coffee House, a Sirius radio station in the US, dedicated to mum-and-dad-friendly acoustic tunes and covers.

8. Most importantly: He drinks VB.

Not only did he refuse to hand off his preferred beverage at the request of organisers before taking the podium at the Sydney premiere of the film, he’s also got other Hollywood stars chugging down our favourite working class amber ale. When an audience member complimented Kurt Russell’s choice of beer at a Q&A in Sydney, Tarantino was quick to butt in, “Hey, he got that from me!”

Watch our BLUNT TV interview with Quentin Tarantino below.