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BLUNT guest: The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk talks his favourite kicks

What’s good Blunt?! Andrew Tkaczyk from The Ghost Inside here to share with you my top 5 favorite sneakers currently in my collection.

I wouldn’t label myself a “sneakerhead” exactly because I’ve only started collecting within the last year. However, for my entire life I’ve always been a sneaker enthusiast and have always appreciated the aesthetic and design that goes into what makes a shoe attractive. To me, this is art. From Reebok to Adidas to the almighty Nike I love them all. But ultimately, wearing a prosthetic limb, Nike is the brand that works best for me and my situation. Not to mention they are just my number one choice of brand. In no particular order, these are some of my favorites.

Nike Air Tech Challenge II ‘Hot Lava’

Going to start this list off by saying that I’m an absolute sucker for 80’s/90’s throwbacks and color ways. These Hot Lava’s were released in 1989 as Tennis legend Andre Agassi’s pro model. Growing up, my parents were big into tennis. I used to watch the era’s greats such as Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, and Roger Federer play on TV with my Mom and Dad. When I was a kid, my Mom was cool enough to cop me a pair of these in youth size. It was rad to have them as a kid, but even more so as an adult. Gets me excited that Nike will re-release classics from time to time.

Nike Air Max 90 ‘South Beach’

Talk about 80’s/90’s colorways! This one might take the cake. Air Max 90’s are by far my favorite silhouette of any sneaker. You’ll see them more in this list. The air bubble unit helps propel my gait when walking with the prosthetic leg. They make my foot feel so secure while providing the perfect arch in the insole. Super comfortable and just so clean looking. 

Off White x Nike Air Max 90 ‘Desert Ore’

These! God damn. Fire. By far my grail pair. I wasn’t fortunate to cop these at retail value so I ended up pulling the trigger on a resale pair. I’d rather not discuss how much I paid for this single pair hahaha. These are part of a collab series called “The Ten” between Off White and Nike designed by Virgil Abloh. Virgil is the artistic director at Louis Vuitton and is obviously a genius. I’ve only worn this pair once and that was just inside my house on my hardwood floors. Probably realistically the only time I’ll ever wear them. Off White is known for their signature tags looped into the laces as seen in the first pic. I don’t really vibe with the tag on low tops, but I think if I were ever able to snag a pair of Off White Jordan 1 Chicago’s I’d probably rock the tag. However, you bet your ass I carefully removed the tag and saved it. 

Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid ‘Reverse New Love’

Ahhhh Jordan 1’s. I was born in 1987 and grew up a full blown 90’s kid. What kid in the 90’s didn’t wanna be like Mike? I had Jordan EVERYTHING growing up….minus a pair of Jordan ones. Now I’m obsessed. You just can’t go wrong with this CLASSIC. The one that started it all for the shoe addicts and collectors. These are my current favorite pair of Jordan’s I own. The black and yellow just looks hard as fuck. I would probably get roasted by a die hard sneakerhead for rocking these. There’s a thing where sneakerheads hate on Mid’s because they aren’t true retro high tops. There is a one inch difference between High’s and Mid’s. But you see for me, and my situation, these work the best. The High’s are almost too high on the prosthetic ankle. It feels and looks awkward, so the Mid’s are the perfect middle ground for me. 1’s are by far my favorite of all the Jordan’s and I’d say next in line for me would be Jordan 4’s.

Nike Air Max 90 ‘OG Volt 2020’

Nike just recently released these. The 2020 versions go back to how the very first Air Max 90’s were constructed. Same materials, same look, same feel as the OG that originally released in 1990. Look at that Volt yellow. I am a sucker for loud and vibrant. I’d have to say these actually come second to my absolute number 1 favorite shoe of all time though which are these but in the original “Infrared” colorway. Why didn’t I just put those on this list you ask? Well, my pair are in NO shape to be added to this fresh list! Mine are beat up, and sometimes a sneaker looks better a little worn. But I wanted to keep this article full of freshies. Very excited that Nike announced they’ll be releasing the OG Infrared 2020 most likely during “Air Max Month” this coming March. I’ll 100% be snagging a couple pairs. Gotta rock and stock those.

Honorable Mentions:

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 ‘Shock Yellow’

If you are a The Ghost Inside fan, check out the tongue. ‘Engine 45’. Crazy coincidence. How could I NOT cop these for the collection? 

Nike Air Max 270 ‘Light Bone/Hot Punch’

Just clean as hell. Perfect true to size fit. Extremely comfortable and supportive. Fun fact: Aussies! If you go back and look at any pictures or videos from Unify Gathering last month, you’ll see one of my best friends Sam Carter of Architects rocking these on stage that night. The way the lights on stage made these things glow was just so sick.


There you have it. My Top 5 sneakers I currently own. I don’t plan on stopping collecting sneakers anytime soon. I also want to add real quick that I’ve been low key working on something clothing/apparel related that I will have more info on soon, so be on the lookout. Huge thanks to Blunt for reaching out and having me do this. Always down for a good chat about fire footwear.

Much love.