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Track Premiere: Spectral Fires – “New Resolve”

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With so many hardcore music videos being shot in abandoned warehouses, you really have to step back and ask yourself, “Why aren’t more hardcore bands recording their music videos in abandoned butter factories instead?” Well, ponder no more, because Melbourne melodicore outfit Spectral Fires have whipped up a melty new clip to spread across your screen (?) in a coveted 20th century dairy plant – because there’s nothing more emo than lactose, really.

“New Resolve” is a total fucking scorcher, too: Jack Jeffree‘s vocals sear through the mix with pained fury, while Daniel Cooper shines on both drums and bass (which really puts the “drummer is the most desirable member / bassist is the least” conundrum into full-blown paradox mode). The track comes as our first taste of Spectral Fires’ sophomore EP, Wayfarer. Following up on 2014’s scathing Old Haunts EP, the new opus was laid down with renowned producer and ex-Defeater axeman Jay Maas.

“As long-time admirers of Jay, we were so lucky to have him produce and mix the record,” says Jeffree. “the whole experience was like a dream. The six tracks on Wayfarer centre around the theme of journeying, moving from one place or time to another – and the motivations, obstacles, and help we find on the way.”

If you’re up to witness the unrelenting power “New Resolve” in person – and let’s face it, fuck yeah you are – Spectral Fires are taking their energetic live show around the East Coast in October. The quintet will roll through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane at the end of the month, hitting hitting some of the country’s most popular venues to throw a cheeky mosh in. Fellow melodicore Melbournites Aburden are also tagging along for all three dates of the run.

Jump into the fire with “New Resolve” below!

Wayfarer drops October 21st via MGM / Collision Course
Pre-order it (available this Friday, Sept. 2nd): Webstore


Spectral Fire / Aburden
Tour Dates

Saturday October 22nd – Tote Upstairs, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: facebook.com

Thursday October 27th – Factory Floor, Sydney (18+)
Tix: facebook.com

Friday October 28th – Phoenix Arts Centre, Brisbane (18+)
Tix: facebook.com

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