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Exclusive Video Premiere: Alpha Wolf – “Nail Biter”

Alpha Wolf

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if your entire workplace broke out into a spontaneous mosh? Well, chuck Alpha Wolf‘s new banger “Nail Biter” on the P.A. and wonder no more – this shit is so skin-splittingly feisty that no matter the surroundings, any and all listeners will be forced, by the power of natural instinct, to start thrashing limbs and throwing spin-kicks.

You may have heard the tune on Tuesday night courtesy of triple j’s The Racket. Following its car crash-inducing launch on the programme, the Melbourne lads have thrown us a solid with our first glimpse of its downright crushing music video (which, of course, you can suss after the jump).

“Nail Biter” follows “blkchrds” as Alpha Wolf’s second bite of 2016 mosh material – a new release is on the cards, though we’re not sure yet if it’s an album or another EP we can start getting hyped for (the blokes released their debut EP, Origin, in 2014). No matter the case, guitarist Sabian Lynch is stoked for what the future holds. “I’m just excited to be releasing the best music that I have ever been a part of, to be honest,” he says.

To give “Nail Biter” the murderous launch it deserves, Alpha Wolf will hit the road for four a handful of shows across October and November. With lineups touting such heavy hitters as Justice For The Damned, Gravemind and The Sign Of Four, the quintet will hit intimate venues in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Fucking destroy your surroundings with the “Nail Biter” video below!

Alpha Wolf
Tour Dates

Friday October 14th – YMCA HQ, Perth (AA)
w/ Iconoclast, Havoc, Justice For The Damned, and Cursed Earth

Saturday October 15th – Amplifier, Perth (18+)
w/ Iconoclast, Havoc, Justice For The Damned, and Cursed Earth

Sunday November 13th – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne (AA)
w/ Apate, The Sign Of Four, Earthender, and Gravemind

Sunday November 20th – Phoenix Arts, Brisbane (AA)
w/ Apate, The Sign Of Four, Deadlights, and Vaela

Ticket details via the band’s social media!



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