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Camp Cope Call On Artists To Speak Out Against Sexual Assault At Gigs

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Photo by Ian Laidlaw

It’s distressing how frequently this narrative needs to be touched on: in recent times, we’ve heard stories come out from Luca Brasi, High Tension, Camp Cope and countless more of sexual assault and unnecessary violence, between punters at what should be an escape from the harrows of day-to-day life.

It should go without saying that if you take to the mosh pit with the express purpose of souring another person’s night, you’re a royal shitcunt, but unfortunately, that memo hasn’t yet reached a migraine-inducingly large pool of concertgoers.

The way we address safety and security at live music events needs to change, drastically, and while we can type out as much vitriolic rage as we want – while countless comments on social media can make activism a trending topic and spin servers into havoc – it’s largely up to the bands themselves to crack into ignorant skulls.

As such, Melbourne indie-punks Camp Cope have recruited pretty much the entire Australian alternative scene and then some – Luca Brasi, Totally Unicorn, Courtney Barnett, Frenzal Rhomb, The Bennies, Clowns, Chris Farren, Jeff Rosenstock, ect. – to spread an important message: don’t be a dickhead, and if you see a dickhead being a dickhead, don’t let them continue being a dickhead.

The video – titled It Takes One – comes as the result of Camp Cope wanting to channel their distress at the hand of recent situations in a positive way. It aims to empower and tackle the situation head on with a passionate stance and a focus on solidarity – with an intentionally strong male presence.

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“This video campaign was inspired by ongoing conversations between us and other bands about how awful it feels to have someone get hurt, assaulted or upset at one of your shows,” wrote Camp Cope in a statement to their Facebook page. “How you as an artist feel personally responsible. We were all feeling very defeated by the continuous reports of incidents – nobody knew what to do but we all felt so passionately about it.

“We wanted to channel that emotion into one clear message where we can express our stance on the issue and also make it something hopeful by encouraging the idea that every single person at a show is important and can make a significant difference. It’s up to the artists, the audience, the venue, everybody.. to make a show safe.

“We purposefully wanted a strong male presence in the video. Including all-male bands who tend to have a prodominately male audience. This was done because we believe that women are usually the victims in these incidents so it shouldn’t solely be the responsibility of women to fix the problem. We feel it’s important for men to speak to, and speak out against other men’s behaviour and be positive role models to other men.

“Lastly, we wanted to show people that they have the artists support always! We are always there for them. Without them we wouldn’t be here, so we want them to feel safe, secure, supported and to have a great time.”

Camp Cope are set to embark on a national co-headlining tour with Cayetana this month, alongside their double-up headline slots together at this year’s Poison City Weekender.

If you experience any situation of assault or abuse at a show (or anywhere, for that matter), please contact 1800respect.org.au and alert venue security when safe to do so. If you see any such situation going down, don’t stand on the sidelines or take action after the fact – step in (where/when safe) and help your fellow punters out. It only takes one, yo!

Watch (and share!) the #ItTakesOne video below!

Camp Cope / Cayetana
Tour Dates

Sat Sep 10th – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
(Weekender Festival)


Tue Sep 13th – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Wed Sep 14th – Transit, Canberra

Thu Sep 15th – Newtown Social Club, Sydney
(with Pity Sex)

Sat Sep 17th – Manning Bar, Sydney
(I Love Life Festival)


Sun Sep 18th – The Triffid, Brisbane
(I Love Life Festival)


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