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Watch Spencer of Ice Nine Kills review non-horror films

Last year, Boston outfit Ice Nine Kills released The Silver Scream, a rumbling homage to iconic horror films filtered through the lens of metalcore. The result of such unholy alchemy was the creation of ‘theatricore’ and a detailed multimedia Ice Nine Kills cinematic universe.

Iconic moments of horror theatre including Friday The 13th, Scream, The Crow, Jaws and many more were retold through the album for an audience who like to hear stories filtered through a tapestry of cleans and growls. In doing so, Ice Nine Kills gave new life to those stories through their visual stimuli and live performances.

It’s fairly obvious: Ice Nine Kills love, nay, adore film. But does the passion extend to non-horror titles? While in town for the Good Things Festival, we spoke with vocalist and ‘theatricore’ visionary Spencer Charnas, to get his takes on some not-so-spooky films. Spencer shares his takes on classics including The Notebook, his personal history with Grease, his issue with the whole Star Wars thing and what happened when he took his girlfriend to a screening of The Room…with Tommy Wiseau in the audience.

Good Things Festival may have been the bands first journey Down Under, however they’ve left a lasting impression on fans. Not long after their departure Ice Nine Kills announced a line of merch dedicated to the current bushfire crisis, donating all proceeds to help this impacted. At the time of publish, the band had raised a wild $50,000 from their efforts. If you snoozed on the merch, you’ve unfortunately missed out with all units now totally sold out.

Blunt speaks for all Australian’s when we say a big, resounding Thank you, Ice Nine Kills.