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15 Things We Learned From The UNIFY 2017 Reddit AMA (P. 3)

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Well, there’s officially less than six months until hardcore Christmas: the annual UNIFY Gathering is once again making its way to Gippsland, VIC next January for its third – and undeniably biggest – event.

Next year’s jaunt will see the camping festival stretch from two to three days and expand from a 5,000-person capacity to 7,500 -an expansion not only necessary when both the 2015 event and this year’s run sold out almost instantly, but when you see how fucking massive that lineup is: AlexisonfireViolent SohoEvery Time I Dieletlive. and Moose Blood, to name just five of the 26 acts set to fuck us up beyond repair.

Of course, FAQ sections can only handle so much, and us pit-dwellers have a lot of questions about a lot of shit. Thankfully, the UNIFY team includes promoter/booker Luke Logemann, logistics dude Joe Miles, and ticketing maestro Aaron Smith. The trio recently took to Reddit to answer a heap of fan questions in an AMA session; here are the 15 we learned the most from!

11. Sets will be short, but there’ll be 26 of them, so it’s all G.

u/ZestyBro: “Any idea on set time length this year? As i was disappointed bands like Hands like houses only played just a 30 minute set last year.”

UNIFY: “The super early bands will do 20 minute sets, the mid tier bands will do 30 minutes and the top say 9 bands will do 40 minutes, with Alexis doing longer. Its the best we can do tho – some people complain not enough bands as well. Can’t please everyone, but as long as we please most we’ll be happy.”

12. Team UNIFY aren’t cool with drinking games (or, y’know, aren’t keen on a PR nightmare).

u/stocha123: “What are your thoughts on organised drinking games?”

UNIFY: “We just encourage responsible drinking! Make sure you take on plenty of water, of course even more if it’s hot. We don’t think drinking games or being drunk is cool by any means. If any of your friends are idiots when they get drunk, please tell them! Generally speaking our crowd has been awesome and behaved so well, we’d love to keep it like that. Our festival and the whole way it’s been built, together with the crowd vibe has naturally discouraged ‘dickhead’ behaviour. Thank you to the fans for that, by the way!”

13. Two words: Tish. Faco.

u/Alekseeef: “Hey guys! Unify is literally a 1 minute drive away from my holiday place, and you can hear the music from it. My question is what kind of food options will you have at next years unify?”

UNIFY: “We’re not quite at the stage of locking in food vendors yet. We definitely want to try and bring back Toasta, and we want to the Fish Taco (Tish Faco) guys there because they were both epic. We’re still working on all food vendor options though and want to have as much variety as possible. Did anyone have the gravy rolls last year? Sensational.”

14. They’re pretty cool with the one-stage setup.

u/MetalCorrBlimey: “Are there any plans to introduce a second stage in future years or are you pretty confident you’ll stick to one for the foreseeable future?”

UNIFY: “Anything is possible, but I love that there is no clashes and that every artist gets to perform to a full crowd – I think its amazing for all the bands that play to get their own time slot with everyone in the arena watching.”

15. The Lakers aren’t going to be any good this year.

u/yungdc: “Are the Lakers going to be any good this year?”

UNIFY: “No.”

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UNIFY 2017: A Heavy Music Gathering

Full lineup
Violent Soho
Every Time I Die
The Getaway Plan (performing Other Voices, Other Rooms)
Thy Art Is Murder
Luca Brasi
House Vs Hurricane (only reunion show)
I Killed The Prom Queen (performing Music For The Recently Deceased)
Moose Blood
Storm The Sky
Deez Nuts
Trophy Eyes
King Parrot
Ocean Grove
The Dirty Nil
The Brave
Bare Bones
Justice For The Damned
Drown This City
Ocean Sleeper

Friday January 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th
Tarwin Meadows, Gippsland 

Tix: 24hundred.net

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