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15 Things We Learned From The UNIFY 2017 Reddit AMA (Pt. 2)

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Well, there’s officially less than six months until hardcore Christmas: the annual UNIFY Gathering is once again making its way to Gippsland, VIC next January for its third – and undeniably biggest – event.

Next year’s jaunt will see the camping festival stretch from two to three days and expand from a 5,000-person capacity to 7,500 – an expansion not only necessary when both the 2015 event and this year’s run sold out almost instantly, but when you see how fucking massive that lineup is: AlexisonfireViolent SohoEvery Time I Dieletlive. and Moose Blood, to name just five of the 26 acts set to fuck us up beyond repair.

Of course, FAQ sections can only handle so much, and us pit-dwellers have a lot of questions about a lot of shit. Thankfully, the UNIFY team includes promoter/booker Luke Logemann, logistics dude Joe Miles, and ticketing maestro Aaron Smith. The trio recently took to Reddit to answer a heap of fan questions in an AMA session; here are the 15 we learned the most from!

6. There won’t be a second announcement, and one dude thinks two bands = 85% of 2016’s lineup.

u/jordieATR: “1)Any plans on bringing Breakdown of Sanity or Crossfaith down for 2018?

2)Why such the sudden change of having a 90% Heavy line up from 2015 to all the sudden around 85% pop punk in 2016 and now 2017? First year was so good and you can tell on how quick the tickets sold that year compared to 2016 unify.

3) What plans do you guys have to make the entry lines move faster other than just more employees and entrances?

4)Will more bands join the line up or is that it for 2017? Line up seems a bit small for 2 and a half days.”

UNIFY: “1) We LOVE Breakdown Of Sanity so never know. Crossfaith we’ll try make work too.

2) Hate to say it man, but thats a pretty bad exaggeration on the pop punk percentage. We want to book a diverse heavy lineup that represents the entire world of heavy music, which is why we love all three lineups – they capture that diversity within the culture. 2016 was 5000 cap which is why it took longer to sell – not to mention Amity are probably the fastest selling ticket in Australia, and them headlining in 2015 was a huge win for us.

3) More Employees and Entrance lines mostly, and new technology that can scan people through quicker.

4) Probably no full bands to be announced outside of the unearthed comp – we’re a one stage event and we like it that way – every artist gets the time of day and no clashes.”

7. You won’t have to smell like shit all day next year!

u/rowand23: “Since it’s now going to be a three day event, are there going to be any showering facilities available? Also you guys should definitely reuse the security company that you had in 2015, they were so good!”

UNIFY: “Hey, there are certainly going to be showering facilities at UNIFY 2017, which is a relief as you lot stank after a few hours last time… as did we! 😉 We’ll pass on the feedback with regards to security, generally speaking we were really pleased with how they handled everything at UNIFY 16′ and we’re certainly planning to speak with them again for ’17.”

8. UNIFY will stay in Gippsland, but other national events could go down (*cough*DOWNLOAD*cough*)

u/livefastdiabetes: “1. Who’s your dream band to get on the UNIFY lineup.

2. Any plans to take Unify national or along the east coast?

3. I’m looking to one day work full time within music festivals with UNIFY definitely being on the list. What experiences in applicants do you look for and are you continuously expanding or is the staff team normally the same?”

UNIFY: “1. The Ghost Inside or Modern Life Is War.

2. UNIFY will remain in Gippsland, but thats not to say we won’t do other events in the major cities some time in the future.

3. Just people who seem passionate, intelligent and trustworthy generally. Best bet is to apply as a volunteer and prove your value that way!”

9. The mini-games will return, and Logemann will kick your ass at all of them.

u/Jhockey98: “Will y’all have games like mini golf and stuff set up again this year?”

UNIFY: “100%, how could we not? Let us know what your favourite game was, and any other you’d like to see there. We love a challenge.”

10. Team UNIFY are against pill testing, so be safe with ya pingas.

u/Cheezking96: “Lots of talk about pill testing being available at music festivals across Australia. Is this something UNIFY will provide?”

UNIFY: “We don’t believe that this is something we need, or want at UNIFY.”

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UNIFY 2017: A Heavy Music Gathering

Full lineup
Violent Soho
Every Time I Die
The Getaway Plan (performing Other Voices, Other Rooms)
Thy Art Is Murder
Luca Brasi
House Vs Hurricane (only reunion show)
I Killed The Prom Queen (performing Music For The Recently Deceased)
Moose Blood
Storm The Sky
Deez Nuts
Trophy Eyes
King Parrot
Ocean Grove
The Dirty Nil
The Brave
Bare Bones
Justice For The Damned
Drown This City
Ocean Sleeper

Friday January 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th
Tarwin Meadows, Gippsland 

Tix: 24hundred.net

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