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Soundwave Updates: Eventopia Offering Refunds, Replacement Fest Being Crowdfunded


The last couple of days haven’t exactly been the most exciting for Soundwave 2016 ticketholders – which, on the off chance that you somehow missed the whole clusterfuck, was cancelled last Thursday.

When the news first broke out, ticketing company Eventopia made it clear that they wouldn’t be refunding punters (despite that claim being against their own Terms and Conditions), their reason being that the Ticketek offshoot had already advanced funds to AJ Maddah, and that those seeking their money back should knock on his door instead. As expected, the internet – no short of Maddah himself – was furious, and within hours, shit had well and truly hit the fan. Opinions were all over the place, but one thing pretty much everyone could agree on was that Eventopia had a legal obligation to reimburse customers.

Now – presumably after being hounded by countless Fair Trade organisations and the whirlwind of online abuse that, let’s face it, they brought onto themselves – the company have confirmed that they will in fact be processing refunds to ticketholders. So if you’ve purchased tickets to Soundwave 2016 and have not yet issued a chargeback with your bank, you can now claim a refund directly from the source by emailing soundwave@eventopia.co with your order details, including the name and email address that tickets were purchased under.

According to Eventopia, “Refunds will be returned to the original credit card used to purchase. Customers should expect to receive their refund within 21 business days from submitting their request.” It should be noted, however, that punters only have until January 31 to send their requests off.

In other, much more exciting news, Devil You Know drummer John Sankey has announced plans to hold an alternative music festival of his own in place of Soundwave. Though no details of the festival’s lineup, venues or structure have been released, the Legion Festival is still in its early days, and Sankey intends to deliver information as it comes.

In a bid to be as transparent with fans as possible, the festival will be entirely crowdfunded through Kickstarter, and funds generated will only be spent once enough dough has been generated to ensure it can go ahead without any of the financial troubles that plagued Soundwave.

Diving into more detail, Sankey has released a video detailing exactly what his intentions are for the Legion Festival, and how he plans to make them a reality. As the event rises from Soundwave’s brutal death, Sankey has confirmed that a few of the bands set to shred on the ‘Wave have signed on to play the new festival. However because of the short timings, Legion will take place two months later in March.

Speaking exclusively to TheMusic, Sankey stated; “We already have a heap of brilliant bands that have reached out to us and will have confirmations soon so, hopefully, we will be able to start announcing the line up this week. We’re going to try really hard not to drip feed the line up to you but, because this is all happening pretty quickly, it might come through in bits and pieces because we want to get you the info as soon as we have it.”

He also stated that while Soundwave ticketholders won’t be able to redeem their losses for free entry into Legion, there are options being considered to provide an exclusive incentive to those that planned to attend the slain January festival.

Watch the full Legion Festival outline video below!

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