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Enter Shikari And Hacktivist Team Up For 2016 Australian Tour

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Remember last May, when Enter Shikari fried your brain into a bubbling puddle of euphoric mess with their Mindsweep tour? Well, the goo inside your cranium should be in the early stages of solidifying now, but don’t get too used to it – the UK punkstep pioneers are heading back to England’s largest prison this September for another round of anti-political electroshredding, and… Fuck. We can already feel our retinas stinging from the sure-to-be-excessive laser show.

Anybody that’s been to one can vouch that an Enter Shikari show will leave you aching for weeks after, but this time, expect to find yourself perched on the couch for a solid month or two; the boys are dragging along their good mates – and one of the few non-embarrassing rap metal (rap djent?) bands – Hacktivist along for the trip. For those not playing along at home, those blokes signed to UNFD back in January and released their debut LP, Outside The Box, in March.

Rounding out the bill are Sydney metalcore maniacs – and fellow members of the UNFD cult – Stories. You’re reading an article on BLUNT, so these guys prooobably don’t need an introduction. Their debut, The Youth To Become, dropped at the tail end of 2015, and was followed by some hella intimate, hella hardcore shows around the country back in February. If for some unholy reason you didn’t tag along to any of those gigs;

a) shame on you.
b) we forgive you, but you gotta come to (at least) one of these.

The tour kicks off at the turn of a brand new week on Monday, September 19th, where the Shikari sound system (not to be confused with the band’s side project, actually titled Shikari Sound System) will tear shit up in Melbourne, before rolling on through to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Freemantle. All dates are 18+ except for Adelaide, where it’s a known tradition for third graders to experience their first wall of death at an electronicore show.

Enter Shikari’s last full-length offering was The Mindsweep, which hit shelves last January to an (understandable) outbreak of sheer pandemonium. This January, on the other hand, saw the quartet release a new standalone single in the form of “Redshift”, from which this tour borrows its moniker. You can suss out the video clip below, but let this be a warning: it WILL be stuck in your head for the next two months.

Tickets on sale 11am this Thursday, May 6th via the links below!
Enter Shikari website pre-sale: 10am May 4 until 9am May 5
My Live Nation pre-sale: 10am May 4 until 9am May 5

Enter Shikari / Hacktivist / Stories
Tour Dates

Monday September 19th – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: livenation.com.au | entershikari.com

Tuesday September 20th – The Triffid, Brisbane (18+)
Tix: livenation.com.au | entershikari.com

Wednesday September 21st – Metro Theatre, Sydney (18+)
Tix: livenation.com.au | entershikari.com

Thursday September 22nd – The Gov, Adelaide (AA)
Tix: livenation.com.au | entershikari.com

Saturday September 24th – Metropolis, Perth (18+)
Tix: livenation.com.au 
| entershikari.com

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