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Punk Rock Holiday Lineup Will Give You A Reason To Visit Slovenia


Camping festivals aren’t a new thing – for heavy music in Australia alone, just look to the insanely successful Unify. Elsewhere on the genre spectrum, we’ve got Bluesfest, Falls, and about 55,000 others. But rather than a dead farm in the middle of fuck knows where, imagine a camping festival that was surrounded by mountains, a Mediterranean climate, two pristine festival-owned beaches, a main stage in what the website refers to as “an avenue of trees”, and a beach stage propped up on a fucking island paradise. Sounds pretty dope, right? Well, that’s exactly what Slovenia gets with their Punk Rock Holiday festival, and the only thing better than its locale is that goddamn mouthwatering lineup.

Punk icons NOFX, Descendents and Millencolin are set to headline the 49-act bill, but rest assured they aren’t the only heavy hitters that’ll knock you to the ground from August 9th-thru-12th. International mainstays Agnostic Front, A Wilhelm Scream and Terror are all name dropped as well, and there’s even a bit of Down Under representation to be found in our leading grimecore unit, Deez Nuts.

So if you’re anything like us, you’re probably already looking at flights, accomodation, and what language they speak in Slovenia so you don’t end up just pointing at things and babbling like an idiot (though let’s be real, that’s what’s gonna happen anyway). Tickets are shockingly still available, but trust us when we say that won’t be true for long. BLUNT will be there taking shots (and photos, too) all throughout the festival, so at least when you realise you definitely can’t afford a trip to Slovenia, we’ll be here to make you feel like you could… Sorta.

Start planning your Slovenian getaway with some NOFX below!

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