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Legion Music Festival 100% Locked In; Fully-Funded


It’s been a bit of a shaky road for Legion, the crowdfunded music festival spurred as a consolation prize after Soundwave‘s bloody demise. Initially set to kick off this month, promotor (and Devil You Know drummer) John Sankey knocked it back into 2017 after efforts to raise over $3.2million proved hilariously unachievable.

The crowdfunding campaign still hasn’t come close to paying off – a total of $362,135 has been raised thus far – but Sankey isn’t one to back down in the face of consumer disinterest. Whether or not you want it, Legion 2017 will come to fruition thanks to some unspecified corporate funding!

“Given that it took longer than anticipated to lock in a headline act, along with a number of other external forces going on in the industry at the moment, we realized that, even though these issues made it very difficult for us to reach our goal in time, the campaign support had given us all the leverage necessary to move forward and fund and confirm the festival,” Sankey said of the unsuccessful, but helpful campaign.

“As the founders of this festival, myself, Mark Spillane and Kristie Lawrence are committed to ensuring that we stick to our promise of creating something truly special and unique for the fans and we promise that we will continue to be completely honest and transparent throughout the planning process,” he continued.

Further details on the festival’s lineup, locations, and ticketing options will be announced in the coming months, and although crowdfunding proved to be a bust for Sankey and co., those that did pledge their support will be recognised by the crew as “founding members”.

Legion 2017 is slated to feature 31 acts over three stages on the East Coast, with Perth and Adelaide being treated to reduced bills. 18 of the 31 bands have so far been announced, including Sankey’s own Devil You Know, international stalwarts Lordi, DevilDriver and Frontline Assembly, and local mainstays Dream On Dreamer, Polaris and Aversions Crown.

Psych yourself up for Legion 2017 with a stream of Polaris’ new EP below!

Legion ’17 Lineup

Devil You Know
Darkest Hour
Front Line Assembly
Capture The Crown
Dream On, Dreamer
Aversions Crown
Heard Of Cows?
28 Days
Caligula’s Horse
Rick Dangerous And The Silkie Bantams
Mofo Is Dead (Brisbane only)
My Secret Circus (Melbourne only)
Horrorwood Mannequins (Sydney only)

Legion Music Festival 2017 Dates

Saturday 21st January – Perth (Mini-Fest)
Tix: legionmusicfest.com

Sunday 22nd January – Adelaide (Mini-Fest)
Tix: legionmusicfest.com

Thursday 26th January – Melbourne
Tix: legionmusicfest.com

Saturday 28th January – Sydney
Tix: legionmusicfest.com

Sunday 29th January – Brisbane
Tix: legionmusicfest.com

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