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Killing Heidi Celebrate 20th Anniversary With First Shows In Ten Years

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Okay, here’s one Weir pretty stoked for (sorry): seminal triple j unearthed rockers Killing Heidi are finally – finally – back, and they’re playing a special one-off show – for now – to reunite us all with the jams of our childhood.

Sister-brother duo Ella and Jesse Hooper are headlining the Queenscliff Music Festival this November, marking both their first show in ten (!!!!) years and a celebration of their twentieth anniversary as a band. They’ll also drop a digital remaster of the iconic Reflector album to sweeten the deal even further – that’ll drop via iTunes “very soon”.

Before you get your hopes up for a full-on, full-time reunion, though, keep in mind that this is “a celebration, not a reformation,” according to Jesse. “We thought this was a really special opportunity to reflect on that era, as it’s Queenscliff’s 20th anniversary – and we started Killing Heidi twenty years ago too!”

“We’ve been asked to perform live many times over the years and have always declined,” says Ella. “But it just goes to show – never say never. I’m ready to celebrate that amazing time and also to claim that part of my journey as a songwriter. To join such a stellar lineup at this year’s Queenscliff Music Festival is the perfect way to return to the stage for us. There are so many great artists playing this year, we can’t wait! We love Queenscliff Music Festival and usually go with our family, so to be busting out the family band to perform this year is going to be killer.

“What Killing Heidi’s music meant and still means to the people that shared that amazing time with us really blows me away. I meet so many people, especially young women, who tell me how Killing Heidi inspired them to be themselves, back themselves or even start a band, and I’m completely honoured that it had that effect on people.”

Those amongst us who won’t be heading down to Queenscliff can still hype up for some nostalgic ecstasy, however, with the band promising further announcements to come.

Revisit your childhood with “Weir” below!

Killing Heidi
Tour Dates

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th November
Queenscliff Music Festival @ Ballarine Peninsula, Victoria
Tix: qmf.net.au

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