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Guns N’ Roses Detained At Canadian Border For Gun Possession

Paul Natkin Archive

Well, here’s an interesting one.

Hard rock legendaries Guns N’ Roses have been doing pretty well for themselves on their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour – Axl Rose has been taking to the stage when the tickets say he will (what are the bets he’s just been given times three hours early?) and nobody’s thrown any fisticuffs just yet.

They did get detained at the Canadian border for being in possession of a gun, though, so… Yeah. Supposedly, the band were travelling from Philadelphia to the land of maple syrup when border officials halted their tour bus.

“So, we weren’t exactly arrested. We were detained,” Rose said during the band’s show last Saturday in Toronto. “They were very nice, they were very understanding. You know, it happens: You can forget you have a fucking gun.” He did specify that it wasn’t his gun, and a representative has since confirmed that the gun didn’t belong to any member of the band.

It’s been rumoured for a while now that Guns N’ Roses will take their reunion tour to Australia in the early months of 2017. While nothing has been confirmed yet, we’re still holding out hope – just so long as they don’t bring Skrillex with them to open.

Watch a fan-shot video of Axl Rose explaining the story below!

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