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Corey Taylor Suffers A Gnarly Stack During US Slipknot Concert


It pretty much goes without saying that Corey Taylor has seen better days: the Slipknot ringleader has added a neck brace to his costume recently, after breaking his neck without even realising it. Slipknot are currently underway with their rescheduled US tour, but two dates in, things haven’t been exactly been smooth sailing… Or they were too smooth, because Taylor slipped. Hard.

During the “Spit It Out” encore of a show in Atlanta this week (at least it was the encore, right?), Taylor tripped and basically fell in the way you only ever see cartoon characters fall when they slip on banana peels – he required stage crew to help him up and stagger him offstage, and while it wasn’t as intense as some have been claiming it to be, we will admit it would have been a fairly brutal fall for someone who had just broken their fucking neck.

But don’t worry, Taylor is A-OK – “I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha!,” he tweeted shortly after the set.

“Throughout the show he was clearly in pain from his neck but still clearly gave it all he could,” one fan in attendance told Blabbermouth. “The neck pain/previous injury plus the 95º (35ºC) Atlanta heat and his fully-covering outfit = a downed frontman. He was shaking and looked to not be in a good way as they pulled him off.”

As per doctor’s orders, Taylor won’t be doing much head-banging or stage-thrashing when it comes to Slipknot’s impending Oz tour this October. The metal legends are due to tear Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne a new one at the turn of the holiday season, but with Taylor still recovering from his injuries, he’ll have to take it easy. But hey, that just means we’ll have to make up for his lack of motion in the pit…

Check out footage of Corey Taylor’s fall during a Slipknot gig below!

Slipknot / Lamb Of God
Tour Dates

Fri Oct 28th – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Tix: livenation.com.au

Sat Oct 29th – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
Tix: livenation.com.au

Mon Oct 31st – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Tix: livenation.com.au

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