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AJ Maddah Would Support A Soundwave / Warped Tour Return In Australia


So it seems the beast that is Soundwave may yet emerge from its shallow grave! Former ringleader (a term especially fitting since it turns out the festival was being run like a Ponzi scheme) AJ Maddah had taken to his infamous e-home of Twitter to give fans of the slain festival a glimmer of hope for its – potentially, still existent – future.

Yesterday, a curious fan hit the once-industry icon up to ask if there was ever a chance we’d see a Soundwave 2.0, or perhaps a third run of the Vans Warped Tour on our shores. “I’d love to think so,” he replied. “[It] will require someone with deep pockets. I’ll support in any way I can.”

While we can’t say we’d be all too stoked with Maddah at the helm (he should probably focus on paying back the artists he toured over the past couple of years) we’re definitely onboard to see a new alternative-focused festival hit Australia. The annual UNIFY Gathering has treated regional Victoria pretty well, but we need some capital city lovin’, man!

It’s been teased that we might just have a shot of seeing Download settle Down Under, and a couple of months back, it was confirmed that Legion 2017 is definitely, totally happening for real. There’s also been a bit of back-and-forth in the rumour mill about Sonisphere, Lollapalooza, and about 390* other international festivals making their way across the pacific, but for now… We’re skeptical.

Soundwave bit the bullet after a tumultuous late-2015, which, when an unusually smaller lineup was announced to little fanfare from punters – leading to only 20,000 tickets sold between three dates – saw the 2016 event cancelled. Prior to its cancellation, Maddah cut the cord on any chance of a 2017 outing, citing the backlash he’d seen in later days.

As for the Warped Tour, AJ says there “have been some talks” about bringing the iconic festival back. The first Aussie Warped in over a decade went down in 2013, but with tickets to that selling below expectations, hasn’t returned since.

Take a peek at AJ’s tweets below!

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