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According To This Super Premature Banner, Guns ‘N’ Roses Are Touring Oz In 2017

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Either someone is playing a huge practical joke on Guns N’ Roses fans or a promo person just fucked up pretty bad. Judging by the very legit-looking nature of a billboard that just went up in Melbourne’s CBD, it’s probably the latter. According to the pre-emptive signage, Guns N’ Roses will grace the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the 14th of February next year. If you’re asking us, that’s a damn good Valentine’s Day present for your super-hard-rock loved one.

The teasing signage has been exposed prior to Triple M Sydney’s cancellation of a major announcement that was suspected to be the GNR tour. According to the radio station’s Twitter, the big tour reveal “has been moved to 8am Wednesday” due to circumstances beyond their control. Luckily for us, it looks like someone let the cat out of the bag a little early anyway.

If you’re looking for some more evidence that aligns with the imminent announcement, former Soundwave main man AJ Maddah posted a cute little teaser that all but confirmed it all, commenting “Good morning Australia. Are we ready for a biG New stadium Rock tour announcement?”  Maddah also noted that he imagines the announcement got postponed because “the interview with the band which was to go with the announcement has been pushed back”. Watch this space on Wednesday for an update.

In the meantime, hype up with a classic Melbourne G’N’R show from 1998 (in all of its warped VHS-rip glory) below!

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