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15 Things We Learned From The UNIFY 2017 Reddit AMA

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Well, there’s officially less than six months until hardcore Christmas: the annual UNIFY Gathering is once again making its way to Gippsland, VIC next January for its third – and undeniably biggest – event.

Next year’s jaunt will see the camping festival stretch from two to three days and expand from a 5,000-person capacity to 7,500 – an expansion not only necessary when both the 2015 event and this year’s run sold out almost instantly, but when you see how fucking massive that lineup is: Alexisonfire, Violent Soho, Every Time I Die, letlive. and Moose Blood, to name just five of the 26 acts set to fuck us up beyond repair.

Of course, FAQ sections can only handle so much, and us pit-dwellers have a lot of questions about a lot of shit. Thankfully, the UNIFY team includes promoter/booker Luke Logemann, logistics dude Joe Miles, and ticketing maestro Aaron Smith. The trio recently took to Reddit to answer a heap of fan questions in an AMA session; here are the 15 we learned the most from!

1. There’ll be an extra 2,500 people at UNIFY 2017, but it’ll be less of a squeeze than it was this year.

u/Stalbos: “How on earth are you going to fit 7,500 people in the festival when 5,000 was a squeeze this year?”

UNIFY: “We’re super confident that there is enough to fit even more than 7,500 people in. We have extra camping space, there is plenty of space in the arena. We’ve made sure that we’ve got all the necessary approvals before deciding to go ahead with the festival again in the same location. This is something we’ve given a lot of thought to.”

2. Day three will (probably) power on without any live music.

u/dippa100: “What are the times for each day likely to be?? Like when music starts and finshes now with the extra day?”

UNIFY: “So far we’ve only programmed music on the Friday (which will be roughly 2pm – 1am) and the Saturday (12pm – 1am). We haven’t decided what the Sunday will be but the last two years we found most people didn’t want to watch music. We may have some DJs and Acoustic Artists and maybe launch some kinda rad market stall and happy hour scenario.”

3. Ocean Sleeper and Drown This City were booked ’cause they stood out to the team.

u/MetalCorrBlimey: “Do you have any ‘requirements’ for the smaller artists playing Unify? Obviously bands on the 2017 lineup like Northlane, alexisonfire, ETID etc have been knocking seven shades out of audiences for years, but Ocean Sleeper and Drown This City haven’t been around long or played many shows, so has their booking been based on you seeing them live yourself or is it just based on the strength of their recorded output?”

UNIFY: “I guess when we’re booking we try and tow the line between bands that deserve the slot for their hard work, bands that have a growing buzz around them and bands with a fanbase already. We’re always listening to bands and watching whats happening around Australia, so I’d like to think our ears and pretty to the ground with this stuff. Another element which came into play with Ocean Sleeper is that we love the idea of supporting local Gippsland bands. We got a lot of submissions and they stood out from the pack there. Drown This City sold out their Workers Club headline show and I thought that warranted my last slot on the fest that we had because its a pretty big achievement.”

4. There’s gonna be hella lines, and you should act quick if you wanna be able to join them.

u/MANNYDACOFFICIAL: “Hey dewds, I just wanted to say that you guys have been killing it these last couple of years! I have been to both shows so far and intend on being at the third too! how many tickets do you guys have left at the moment? and when you say that you have doubled the entry staff and devices, do you think this will eradicate the line up issue we saw last year or do you think it will just ease the pain a bit? cheers MD.”

UNIFY: “Look, any event with 7500 people (or even 1000) will have some kind of line. But we’re working on making it as easy and painless as possible with a few tricks we have picked up! Tickets are at just over 75% – which means we’ve already sold more than last year.”

5. Dust is a damn serious issue, and the ‘dust bowl’ will NOT* be returning.

u/TommyKnox: “What methods are you guys using to prevent the ‘dust bowl’ in the mosh area that occurred this year? I understand that it depends on the weather. I loved the festival, but as someone with weak asthma I couldn’t be in the mosh for more than a few minutes.”

UNIFY: “We’re working hard on this one to try and tackle and potential dust issues. As you’ve pointed out we were somewhat unfortunate with how dry it was last year, one of the driest days in god knows how long. We’re speaking with local earthmoving companies and currently planning the best way to address the situation. We’re exploring various dust suppression methods to make sure we address this situation best! The dust did make some pretty epic warrior like photos!”

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UNIFY 2017: A Heavy Music Gathering

Full lineup
Violent Soho
Every Time I Die
The Getaway Plan (performing Other Voices, Other Rooms)
Thy Art Is Murder
Luca Brasi
House Vs Hurricane (only reunion show)
I Killed The Prom Queen (performing Music For The Recently Deceased)
Moose Blood
Storm The Sky
Deez Nuts
Trophy Eyes
King Parrot
Ocean Grove
The Dirty Nil
The Brave
Bare Bones
Justice For The Damned
Drown This City
Ocean Sleeper

Friday January 13th, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th
Tarwin Meadows, Gippsland 

Tix: 24hundred.net

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