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So You Want To Be A...

So you want to be a…model

If you have eyes, and use them for participating in consumerism in Western society, chances are that you’ve seen Micah Fidler’s face. Working as a model since her teens, Fidler has travelled the world on campaigns for some of its biggest brands. At the same time, she’s a familiar icon to the alternative fashion scene, continuing to work with alt-powerhouse Dolls Kill on their proposition of misfit apparel. We asked Micah to take us through her career from front to back as she continues to make waves in the industry.

How did you get your start in the modelling industry?

I was 13 years old, very shy, living in a small town and my mom wanted to get me involved in some sort of activity to keep me busy. She signed me with IMD (my mother agency of 10 years) and I started working with them on development. When I came to my first runway workshop, the owner came out of her office (now my manager and like my second mom) and told me how much potential I had. I was so young and confused and didn’t fully understand what modelling was. I ended up giving modelling a try and went to a week-long modelling competition in Los Angeles, called IMTA. The event had agents from all over the world. The confidence I gained from the event led me to doing really well and signing in San Francisco. I ended up signing in Los Angeles and eventually New York because of that competition and my mother agency.

What have been the highlights of your job?

The highlights of my job have been getting to travel all over the United States and all over the world! I would have never had the opportunity to go to these places without modelling. I also love the different types of people I get to meet through my job that I probably wouldn’t meet otherwise.

It’s also really exciting to get to see the work that I’ve done in action! I’ve gotten to see my face in stores all over the world and in airports. People send me photos of me in stores. Another highlight is that I love my job so going to work in the morning is not dreadful, I’m always excited to go and do what I love! I love that I have the opportunity to work for all different kinds of brands so every time I go to work, it’s always a nice change!

What goals are you hoping to achieve in the industry?

My goal in this industry used to be working for very specific brands that I thought would be a dream to work for and yes, that would be nice. But my main goal with my career right now is to just be able to travel the world even more and experience more places and markets for modelling that I may potentially be able to work in. I think when you get the opportunity to work in another country, it’s so interesting and different and it definitely opens up your mind and makes you see things a bit differently. I also want to keep meeting more amazing people and my goal is to do this job for as long as I possibly can.

Can you describe some of the more trying times that you’ve experienced in this job?

I would say, when travelling frequently and working, there are always things that go wrong here and there. Lots of last minute changes and stressful situations. But the aspect of modelling that I have found to be most difficult, that I never expected, was how lonely it can be. You can be gone for months on end in another country or state and not know anybody and so it can become very lonely and tiring, especially if you are in another country alone where you don’t speak the language. I think that’s when I feel the most alone. I have grown a lot and have become very independent because I have travelled alone so much. It has also made me a more mature and outgoing person.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter the industry?

The advice I would give is to stay confident, stay true to yourself and what you believe, be comfortable with being alone and keep an open mind about everything because this job is definitely an adventure!

How important is social media to your profession as a model?

I would say it is very important, because your social media shows you and who you are and since anyone can follow you, anyone can see what you post (agents, modelling agencies, brands etc.) It is very helpful for brands and agents when deciding if they want to use a model or not for a job. Social media for models is like our portfolio showing the work that we’ve done and what we’re capable of, but also showing our true self and a little peek into our personal lives. So yes, I would say it is very important when being booked for a job or getting signed to an agency. I will say that I do wish the amount of followers on your social media didn’t matter when booking jobs, because I don’t think that the number of people who follow you defines how good of a model you are. But I do understand it from a business perspective.

Do you ever model clothes that you would never wear in real life?

Yes of course! I work for so many different types of brands that I don’t think it’s possible for me to love everything that I’m modelling. But I honestly don’t mind it at all. Each outfit makes me feel like a different person. It’s always nice to try new things and it has actually helped me in finding my own personal style. From wearing so many different types of clothing, I’ve found what I like and don’t like, so it’s very nice.

Have you wanted to move outside modelling into other industries like acting? 

I have thought about this many times actually. I do feel that I would need to get some training before diving into the acting world, but I am always open to trying new things so who knows, maybe I’ll be trying out acting soon! But modelling will forever be my first love!

Has your profession been impacted by COVID-19?

Yes! This has been the longest period of time where I haven’t been able to work. Since travelling is such a big part of my job, it’s hard to work when travel is cut out. I often work in Los Angeles and they got hit really bad with COVID-19, so there hasn’t been very much work during this time for me. I have kept myself busy with my other hobbies during this time and things are slowly starting to pick back up again.

Tell BLUNT one thing about modelling that most people would never guess?

People never guess that it’s hard work. I feel like people always see modelling as being very glamorous and easy, when most of the time it’s long work days, always on your feet and most of the time in heels the whole day. Very last minute trips can come up and you just have to roll with it. It has its glamorous times but it is still a job.