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Of Mice & Men: Just Taaap It In

“Why don’t you just go home? Are you too good for your home?!” California’s Of Mice & Men step up to the tee for an afternoon of putt putt. Photos by Sandra Markovic.

We here at BLUNT are no strangers to treating bands to some of the more weird and wonderful activities that pop into our heads (a game of Jäger Pong, anyone?) and the latest band to be subjected to our antics was metalcore favourites Of Mice & Men.

Amidst a day full of Happy Gilmore references, some fine golf (erm, putt putt) was played on the 18-hole Jungle Trail at Putt Putt at Ermington in Sydney. With Alan Ashby, Austin Carlile, Tino Arteaga, Phil Manansala and Aaron Pauley armed with their putters and fluorescent balls, it was game on.

“It’s gonna be a loooong day,” sighed Alan as his ball rolled back down the hill to the tee on the first hole. Despite a stellar par-birdie beginning, Tino was soon plagued by the same phenomenon come the third hole – “I never thought this would happen!” – as he quickly notched up double digits on the score card. “That’s what she said!” readily became the call of the day as Austin and co. tackled the various angles and obstacles of the course. After a solid effort on the front nine, Aaron was in the lead by two, with Austin and Phil chasing at his heels as the band moved onto the back nine. The tenth hole proved to be disastrous for all but Austin, with Phil managing a nine and Aaron his first and and only 10 of the day.

Although holes-in-one were notched up by each member, come the end of the round Aaron emerged victorious boasting a mean 57, with Austin coming in second with 60, Phil close behind with 63, and Alan and Tino rounding out the field with 72 and 77 respectively. Looks like the pro tour and gold jacket’s still a little ways off, boys.

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