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All Time Low: The Arcade Scene

All Time Low

Photos by Kane Hibberd.

If you are a boisterous pop-punk band, long press days espousing about how your new album is both heavier and more melodic than the last one for hours on end certainly takes its toll. BLUNT Magazine was unwilling to subject Baltimore’s finest export to another day in the bland chat trenches. Instead we treated them to an afternoon of vintage gaming at Forgotten Worlds in Melbourne. We’re real nice like that.

After preloading with a number of frosty beverages, several heated battles began with the band thrashing joysticks and mashing brightly coloured buttons with reckless abandon. Band allegiances were cast aside as they went head to head on classics such as Mortal Kombat II, Golden Axe, Metal Slug 2, The Simpsons and Virtual Cop. A four-way Simpsons tournament went down but unfortunately due to the aforementioned bar stop beforehand, the band was unable to recall the exact winner. However, Jack Barakat displayed some mad skills with winning button combinations.

All tuckered out after a day of chasing high scores, the gentlemen relaxed as all connoisseurs of the creative arts do: they whacked on Billy Madison on VHS (remember those rectangle things your parents talk about sometimes?) on the tiniest television we’ve ever seen. A big thanks to the folks at Forgotten Worlds for putting up with the general tomfoolery that comes with letting All Time Low loose in your bar. Next time you’re in Melbourne swing by, grab a drink, chuck some coins in a game and get lost in nostalgia. Try not to bruise your hands like we did.  

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