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What Is Going On With Five Finger Death Punch?


Las Vegas metallers Five Finger Death Punch are reportedly being sued by their record label, Prospect Park, for failing to release a new album and greatest hits collection, as well as “shamelessly attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall of their addicted bandmate”. Shots fucking fired, fam.

5FDP were due out in Australia recently to support Black Sabbath at their last ever Australian shows, but they were forced to pull out when frontman Ivan Moody was hospitalised in his hometown of Denver, Colorado.

The band inked a four-album deal with Prospect Park back in 2012, and according to the lawsuit (a copy of which was obtained by Blabbermouth):

“In rushing to record a new Fourth Album, FFDP is damaging itself and Prospect Park by cutting off the marketing and promotion and success of the Third Album, which is currently in its album cycle. Additionally, Prospect Park alleges on information and belief that FFDP is threatening to record the Fourth Album and Greatest Hits Masters, in violation of the clear provisions of the Recording Agreement, because it is concerned about the health and well-being of Moody, and in particular his ability to continue to fulfill his obligations as a member of FFDP and under the Recording Agreement. Based on FFDP’s own assessment, Moody is unable to perform at the level required under Section 3.01 of the Recording Agreement for delivery of the Fourth Album’s master recordings or Greatest Hits Masters.”

In the lawsuit, the band’s members admit that they were plowing ahead with the album before “Ivan does something stupid – dies – goes away to jail”, and Propect Park have evidently called them out on it, strongly suggesting that the band’s sound “is getting stale and needs more creative input”.

5FDP have since responded to Prospect Park’s lawsuit with the following statement:

“Desperate people do desperate things.

We are saddened, but not surprised by the recent lawsuit filed by Prospect Park, LLC against the members of Five Finger Death Punch. It is the latest in a long line of exploitative and abusive bullying tactics used by our former manager and current label CEO Jeff Kwatinetz to extract money from and wield power against the band.

Five Finger Death Punch is prepared to record and deliver the final album this year under its recording agreement, but instead of allowing us to record, Prospect Park has chosen to sue us, hold us for ransom and squeeze extra money out of its contract rights by attempting to sell an interest in future recordings. What’s worse is that Prospect Park very deliberately filed their meritless lawsuit the same week we are trying to put our Fall co-headlining arena tour on sale.

In its lawsuit, Prospect Park states that Five Finger Death Punch has plateaued and that its sound is stale, yet on multiple occasions and in writing Mr. Kwatinetz referred to the most recent album, Got Your Six, as the band’s “best album yet”. Five Finger Death Punch is the best selling Active Rock band of the last 24 months and one of the top selling Active Rock bands of this decade. Every single first week album sales figure has been higher than the last. In fact, there is not one shred of evidence to suggest that Five Finger Death Punch’s career remains on any trajectory other than an upward one. Any statement or suggestion that Five Finger Death Punch is suffering from some kind of slump is untrue.

As for our singer, Ivan Moody, his issues are no secret and were recently and successfully addressed with the love and support of his family and bandmates in a rehabilitation facility. Never once did Prospect Park Management or Recordings support any efforts to get him sober, preferring the band continue making albums and touring.

We are confident that the evidence will expose the allegations in Prospect Park’s complaint as completely meritless and that the band will recover substantial damages and be released from any further obligations to Prospect Park based on the cross-complaint that we intend to file. – Five Finger Death Punch”

Last year Moody’s wife filed an affidavit in regards to the singer’s alcohol abuse, wherein she claimed that he was having bizarre Jekyll and Hyde-style mood swings (…not unlike the 5FDP song of the same name).

According to Prospect Park, the band is not allowed to begin recording a fourth album until after June 4, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out – and how a new (and supposedly rushed) record will sound.

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