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Watch This Absolute Legend Play Nirvana’s Complete Discography In Five Minutes

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Is it blasphemous to say that watching a legend in a Pee Records shirt play Nirvana’s entire discography on the drums in five minutes is as good as actually listening to Nirvana? Who cares. Kye Smith, a drummer/genius from Newcastle (yes, he is Aussie) did it and it’s fucking awesome.

The video he posted, titled “Nirvana: A 5 Minute Drum Chronology”, is not the only epic thing he’s shared with the internet. There are shitloads of 5-minute chronologies on his YouTube account, ranging from NOFX to Foo Fighters to Blink-182. 

He noted on his Facebook page that “Nirvana paved the way for a lot of punk bands to be able to gain commercial success and become more accessible. Without them I may not have found this music and probably wouldn’t be doing what I am today”.

Speaking of what he’s doing today, Smith is also the drummer for punk rock outfit Local Resident Failure. The band released their most recent album, This Here’s The Hard Part, early last year via Pee Records. Their entire discography is available for purchase here.

Smith will also be performing his 5 minute chronology of The Beatles’ discography at the halftime of a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden later this year.

Watch Kye Smith monumentally smash out Nirvana’s entire discography on the drums below.

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