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Watch Sum 41 Play “Fat Lip” Live At First Show In Three Years

Sum 41

Beloved Canadian punk rockers Sum 41 have had a bit of a rough go these past couple years, particularly frontman Deryck Whibley. In May 2014, the singer was rushed to hospital after collapsing in his home due to excessive alcohol consumption (with doctors reportedly telling him that his liver and kidneys had failed). In his first print interview following the incident, he admitted to Kerrang! Magazine that he was drinking “a big bottle of vodka” every day and spending roughly $1,600AUD on alcohol each week.

Fans of the band were no doubt shocked and saddened to hear of Whibley’s battle with alcoholism, particularly when he spoke of how close he came to death. “Partying like that becomes the norm, that’s all you know and you don’t see any way around it,” the frontman told Noisey mid-last year.

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The good news to come from all of this is that Whibley’s been able to get his life back on track and has channelled his energy into a new Sum 41 record. The album is said to be just shy of finished, and you can pledge some coin over here to nab one of the pre-orders.

Why are we so stoked for it? Well, the band have recently released a live clip of their 2001 classic, “Fat Lip”, taken from their first live show in three years. Filmed at Anaheim, California’s Chain Reaction back in 2015, the clip reminds us of why we fell in love with Sum 41’s energy in the first place. After seeing more footage of the band at this year’s Kerrang! Tour, we’re itching for an Australian announcement so we can see Sum 41’s reinvigorated live show for ourselves.

Watch Sum 41’s live video for “Fat Lip” below.

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