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WATCH: Another Day, Another Selfie-Taking Fan Smacked The Fuck Down

Limp Bizkit

Folks, we’ll be brief: if you try to take a selfie on stage, you’re gonna have a bad time. The latest entry into bands vs. fans’ insatiable need for selfies comes from none other than Limp Bizkit shredder Wes Borland, who had to navigate an overly enthusiastic stage invader at a recent show in South America.

Borland shared a video of the fan storming the stage during the Bizkit’s performance, and without missing a beat, he manages to shove the phone-wielding cretin out of his face. You can scope out the on-stage footage via Borland’s Instagram video below.

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“The moral of the story here is not to bum rush people on stage,” Borland wrote on his Instagram. “So many bad things have gone down at shows and if you aren’t invited up, we don’t know what your intentions are or if you’re intoxicated or violent or what… This guy wasn’t hurt. I grabbed his shirt and stiff armed him away from my space. Don’t do this. You respect our space and we will absolutely respect you.”

It’s not quite the fly kick The Story So Far’s Parker Cannon dealt a fan a little over a month ago, nor was it exactly reminiscent of the time Jordan Buckley karate kicked an Every Time I Die fan’s phone from their hand. Regardless, the debate rages on over the “right” way to combat people on stage who aren’t supposed to be there – especially when that person’s reasoning comes down to wanting a goddamn photo of themselves. What say you, internet?

Watch Wes Borland react to a stage invader below.

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    Everyone looking for some kudos yet you look like a douche.

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