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Vices Have Put Out A Sick Mini-Doco Covering Their 2015 Japan Tour

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Vices are arguably one of Sydney’s most hardworking hardcore bands. Their tunes are as powerful as their message, and their output is as batshit insane as the circle pits they conjure. Alongside a tower stack of shows across home soil, the pit-splitting quintet found themselves shredding to audiences all over the world in 2015, including, of course, a seven-date headlining tour that hit Japan last October.

Now, the group have released a seven-minute video documenting the tour, set to some mellow jams from local boys We Lost The Sea. It’s a silent affair, no super-fake ‘interviews’ or pretentious overdubs diving into how “these deer that rammed our arses came from a local provenance in Kyoto.” The clip is chock full of incredible landscape shots, snippets of the band destroying stages, and vocalist John McAleer struggling to pick up noodles – a solid watch, if we do say so ourselves!

“The best thing about going away to play music is to see and delve into the different cultures,” Vices wrote on their Facebook page. “To put it into perspective, you spend 25 minutes doing your thing on stage and the other 23 hours travelling and seeing some astonishing parts of the places you’re in. It’s highly addictive and one reason we spent so much time abroad last year. Band or no band, if you can go see the world, do it! It’s a breath of fresh air and another way to appreciate life and existence.

The band have also released video of their full set from last weekend’s Strike Hard festival, where the boys prefaced the last ever sets from Confession and Hand Of Mercy. Elsewhere, while nothing explicit has been said, they’re proooobably working on a follow-up to 2014’s We’ll Make It Through This, so keep an eye out on BLUNT for more on that front!

Have a suss of what Vices got up to in the Land of The Rising Sun below!

Also, regret not going to Strike Hard last weekend with Vices’ full set from the festival:

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