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Vic Fuentes Dancing Around As Hall & Oates Will Cheer You Up On This Sad And Prince-Less Day


The world mourns the loss of an icon today with the news coming overnight that the artist currently known as Prince has passed away. Given the start to 2016 we’ve had, it’s a tough pill to swallow – the weekly reminders that death comes for us all are enough to harsh anyone’s buzz, so we’re taking solace in the internet serving up something goofy on this gloomy Friday.

A video of Pierce The Veil frontman Vic Fuentes and singer Curtis Peoples has been dug up from all the way back in 2007, and we’re glad it has. In much the same way many fans have danced around their rooms to Selfish Machines, Fuentes has taken a shine to reenacting the hits of ’80s pop idols.

The clip depicts the two singers eying off the camera and miming to the 1981 Hall & Oates classic, “Private Eyes”. Peoples dons a tweed jacket while Fuentes goes full Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite with slick curls and a thick black moustache.

Ahhh rock stars, they’re just like us.

Watch Vic Fuentes and Curtis Peoples pay tribute to Hall & Oates below.

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