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Vans x Toy Story Is Real; All Other Shoes Are Now Obsolete

toy story vans

As much as we’d love to deny that we’re suckered in by our soul-engulfing lust for nostalgia, we really fucking want these shoes.

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a circle pit, sussed out a Soundwave or even casually clicked on a Fall Out Boy banger, there’s a good chance you’ve owned a pair of Vans (or fifty). The skate shoe kings have snatched their fair share of fivers from our fists in the past, but now, they’re going for the whole goddamn bank account with a full line of Toy Story inspired kicks.

Each pair (presumably) printed with the iconic “ANDY” across the soles, the line includes shoes splattered with everything from Buzz Lightyear’s legendary design to Woody’s boot (sans snake, thank fuck). There’s also a range of hats, shirts and sweats on offer, so you can truly deck yourself out in full Toy Story gear – the perfect get-up for your next local deathcore show.

So, how can you get your hands (feet?) on a pair of these beauties? The full line goes live tomorrow, October 7th at all Vans stores both brick and mortar and on your lappy screen. We’re not too sure if the Australian flagship stores will be stoking them initially, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be making a detour on our way the office to find out!

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