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Triple J Unearthed & NIDA Team Up To Give Your Band A Music Video

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Remember when you were just getting into music as a kid, spending all night staring blindly at the TV screen watching all of these new, exciting bands flash by on Rage? There’s a good chance you also dreamed of one day playing in your own band, with a clip on the show to boot. Well, if the “play in a band” part of your dream ended up becoming a reality, Triple J Unearthed and the National Institution of Dramatic Art (NIDA) are gonna help you try to make the other half of it happen as well!

The process is pretty simple – make yourself a Triple J Unearthed account, and then check out the entry form here. Six lucky bands, solo acts, producers or emcees will find themselves in the hands of some crazy talented NIDA students, with a fully-funded, professionally shot music video at the end of the tunnel. Once the clip comes to life, the ABC will give it a spin on Rage, and from there, you pretty much just become superstars.

Last year’s winners were Polish Club and Donatachi, who both delivered some genuinely head-tilting ideas. Of course, your band’s clip – should you win (but we’re sure you will) – will wind up as regular or as fucked up as you choose. The only limit is your imagination… And the budget. But mostly your imagination.

Check out last year’s winning clip, “Did Somebody Tell Me?” by Polish Club, below!

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