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Thy Art Is Murder Accused Of Ripping Off Artwork


If your first response to Thy Art Is Murder’s new album Holy War was that its cover art looks a little familiar, you’re not alone. New York metallers Most Precious Blood seem to agree, and they’ve sparked a holy war of their own over Twitter, calling out the Sydney deathcore quintet for supposedly stealing the design of their 2003 album, Our Lady of Annihilation.

For comparison, here are the two covers side-by-side:

The accusation comes as Thy Art Is Murder were banned from performing in venues owned by Disney and forced off two dates of their upcoming North American tour with Parkway Drive. One of the members in Most Precious Blood used a tweet from Lambgoat reporting on the fact as a platform to fire shots at Thy Art, brandishing the band as “blatant” and “pathetic.”


For the most part, fans are taking the side of Thy Art Is Murder. One tweet in response to Most Precious Blood sums it all up pretty well – “yeah, because you guys made up the idea of suicide bombers.”

Check out our review of Thy Art Is Murder’s Holy War.


  • cadmunt

    yeah, dunno about it.TAIM are way tougher anyway

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