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This Band Made A Video Clip Out Of Mark Hoppus Reacting To A Video Clip

Mark Hoppus

We’re through the looking glass here, people. Day Wave, a one-man indie band from Oakland, California has enlisted super fan and Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus for his new music video.

Day Wave’s new video for “Stuck” parodies the viral clip of a priest reacting to the latest Star Wars VII trailer – we see Hoppus watching and reacting to an unknown video created by director Ryan Baxley, just generally having a great time and being the hilarious bassist we’ve all come to know and love.


According to Hoppus:

“I first discovered Day Wave when Apple Music launched and ‘Drag’ was featured on the front page, I instantly loved the song and got the EP. Later, Jackson [Phillips] and I became friends on Twitter, and he hit me up about being in the video for ‘Stuck’. We went to our friend’s office and shot it one morning in March. Of course I’m stoked and honored to be part of the timeless legacy this song is about to become.”

That nondescript guy chilling in the background? That’s Day Wave himself. If dreamy indie pop isn’t your bag, fear not: the song has basically become an afterthought to the vehicle that is Mark Hoppus being pure Mark Hoppus. You do you, Mark.


Watch Mark Hoppus react to things in Day Wave’s video below.

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