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There’s A Pub In Perth Looking For A “Professional Bogan”


Got a mate with an unhealthily strong affinity for VB stubbies and tattered singlets? Turns out ol’ Damo may yet have a purpose after all, with a pub in Western Australia opening applications for the most lucrative job title of all – that of the “Professional Bogan”.

No, this isn’t a six-date-late April Fools’ joke (or at least, we’re hoping it’s not). The pub – Rosie O’Gradys, situated in Perth – have been hosting their Bogan Bingo events for a fair while now, reaching the point of popularity where they’re in desperate need of a second shoey enthusiast to call the shots. The events are described as “Half game show. Half party.”

So what does the job entail? If you match the essential qualifications of owning a Ford or Holden and can provide your own flanno with an unbridled love of “Ozzie culture”, your day-to-day will involve being “fully sick”, counting to 90 (this is where we’re assuming most applicants will struggle), and maintaining peak air guitar ethics.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you (or the biggest sickcunt you know) – and you managed to read cohesively through to this point – you can apply for the position here.

Wrap your ears around the official Bogan Anthem below!

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