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The Story So Far Frontman Dropkicks Girl Off Stage

the story so far

The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon has been on the receiving end of a shit-ton of backlash following an incident that occurred at the Mod Club in Toronto, Canada. A female fan hopped on stage to take a selfie with the band and Cannon dropkicked her off it, from behind. It’s pretty brutal to watch, so scroll down if you want to cringe at the action (shit hits the fan at the 30-second mark).

It isn’t the first time this has happened, with an attendee at a show last year in Texas receiving pretty much the same treatment. You may also remember Every Time I Die’s Jordan Buckley kicking the phone out of some poor soul’s hand, and Buckley tweeting after: “Stage selfies = look at me look at me I didn’t get enough attention as a kid and can’t handle 5 people here getting more attention than me”.

Regardless of your opinion on stage selfies, it’s fair to say that resorting to physical violence might be taking it a little bit too far. At least, that’s what the manager of the Mod Club, Jorge Dias, thinks. He’s banned The Story So Far from the venue and according to one news source, is “appalled” at the “cowardly act”.

Make up your own mind by watching Parker Cannon dropkick a fan of his band below. 

  • bob

    literally kicking people offstage isn’t gonna make them play any better. Also, serves her right, she should have gone to see a band actually worth seeing instead, that give a fuck about their fans having a good night. maybe if they weren’t such a sub par band they could excuse being assholes to their fans. not cool.

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