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The OG Wiggles Have Announced An 18+ Show In Melbourne

the wiggles OG

Everyone knows that The Wiggles are awesome and that fully-grown adults care more about them than three year-olds. Just try and argue with us. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they’ve announced yet another over 18 reunion gig, featuring the OG squad, which will take place in Melbourne on September 9th. While details about a venue are still a little hazy, tickets will go on sale on July 15.

If you’re thinking that going might be a bit awkward, what with you being a responsible adult and all, it’s for a great cause so hesitate no longer. Proceeds will go to the Soldier On Foundation, which supports those physically and psychologically wounded from serving our country. It is said that 1 in 5 serving members struggle with a mental health disorder. If you’re missing this show, find out how you can help over at their website. You don’t have to just donate: there are volunteering and fundraising opportunities that will allow you to lend a hand.

If you don’t live in Melbourne, just hang on a little longer, because Blue Wiggle Anthony Field told Music Feeds that “the vibe was so great” on the first run of shows that “you can’t help wanting to do it again”. “I just want to do it again, and do the same thing, make it a charity thing…it would be great fun”. Watch this space.

Check out the announcement tweet from The Wiggles below.

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