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The Maddahpocalypse Continues! Feud With Ministry Frontman Breaks Out


Poor old AJ Maddah just can’t seem to catch a break as of late. The down and out (as his own Twitter so gently puts it) ex-Soundwave promoter has copped quite a digital beating over the past few weeks, his dodgy business ethos having come to light after the trainwreck cancellation of next year’s festival. Many bands themselves have spoken out about how tyrannical Maddah really was behind the scenes, and the latest exchange of fists comes from none other than Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, with whom AJ shares an impressively long-winded relationship.

Taking to a Patreon page he set up overnight, the notoriously difficult-to-work-with icon waxed eloquent about his hatred for Maddah, amidst a stream of general ranting the claim being made that Jourgensen is still owed $200,000 from the troubled fedora enthusiast. The claim falls in line with a report that surfaced last week, in which Tone Deaf unveiled that a total $203,952.01 AUD was owed to Ministry for their appearances at Soundwave 2015.

“In my 35 years of touring, I’ve been fortunate enough to have never encountered such a lying scumbag,” Jourgensen enthused in his post. “Not only did he blatantly rip us off but ripped off damn near every band in the festival lineup. He worked soundwave fest like a bernie madoff ponzi scheme… (he would pay last years bands off of the next year’s ticket sales… and apparently this has been going on for years with this guy…) he has been living the “high life” of a jet setting playboy on the hard work of thousands of musicians and crew over the years [sic]”

Of course, there’s no reason not to believe Jourgensen; the man’s brain may be warped well out of control from decades of swimming in a pool of drugs, but he makes some damn good – and seemingly accurate – points. Not one to sit and smile in the face of slander, however, Maddah himself has taken to Twitter (what a twist!) to share his side of the story. In an even 20 tweets, he lambasted Jourgensen for being the reason behind Ministry’s 2006 tour cancellation, as well as spilling some personal beef with the vocalist.

Read AJ’s full response to Jourgensen below:

“Dear Al, thank you for accusing me of “ripping you off”. See the problem with that is that it implies it was something that was done on purpose. Where as I had no intention of ever ripping you off or doing you any harm.

On the contrary have always been a massive fan and a champion for you and Ministry despite all of our collective past experiences. Or that time when you and I had a near sold out Rio Grande Blood tour and you didn’t show costing me well over $100K in cancellation costs. Do you remember why the tour cancelled? Let me refresh your memory: You didn’t pay your band.

Remember Joey Jordison & others quitting and walking out because you had pissed away their wages? That episode crushed a young independent promoter. I had to sell my car, give up my flat and embarrassingly move back in w my parents.

I know you do not give a shot and have never given a shit about anything or anyone besides feeding your various habit, But I worked nights and weekend to pay off the debts from that cancelled tour and still I kept faith in you as a fan.

I gave you Ministry an over the top generous fee well above your worth & for my trouble. You turned up at the 1st show, at my expense, came to the site office and demanded a further USD $35K in cash or, you wouldn’t go on stage. That old chestnut. See Al, I went out of business because the shows did not generate enough money. I have lost EVERYTHING. Let me assure you that this was not done intentionally or out of a despite to rip off anyone. You can’t say the same though can you?

Over the last week I have kept my tongue out of respect for your musical output. I kept silent for the same reason I waited outside record stores as kid each and every time a Ministry album came out. But there is only so much hypocrisy and bullshit even one of your biggest fans can take.

So despsite being broke to the point that I am being evicted and cannot pay for upcoming medical bills… I begged and borrowed $20K from family and friends a few weeks ago and sent more money to your agent a few weeks ago.

But in your warped mind that is probably perceived as the actions of someone ripping you off.”

Like a lot of the back-and-forth that’s come of Maddah and his targets in the last month, it’s an interesting story. BLUNT aren’t taking any sides in the matter, but since we’re already on the topic of Jourgensen being a pain in the arse to work with, we’d like to share this gem that we found on an unofficial Soundwave Society group on Facebook*:


Get industrial with Ministry’s classic “Just One Fix”

*  – courtesy of Matt Piper.

  • Richofromfuckinggrimdemise

    Al is allowed to be an outlaw badass, he’s a musician. Maddah is just a dodgy businessman.

    • Matt Doria

      I dunno. I think there’s a difference between being an outlaw badass, and just being a shit person.

    • Richofromfuckinggrimdemise

      Yeah and Al isn’t a shit person

    • Matt Doria

      You’re, uh, certainly entitled to that opinion I guess?

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