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The Ghost Inside’s Zach Johnson Faces His Eleventh Surgery


Yet another heartbreaking update has come from The Ghost Inside camp, with guitarist Zach Johnson announcing that he has suffered yet another setback in his road to recovery and is potentially facing his eleventh surgery.

“Went in for a check up on my pelvis/hip,” Johnson posted to Instagram. “Then this came out of nowhere. Turns out my femur hasn’t healed, could be due to infection, or just bad luck.”

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Johnson, who initially lost several toes in his band’s bus accident, is now staring down the barrel of an array of tests that will likely result in surgery on his femur. As ever, the guitarist – along with his fellow bandmates – remains a beacon of positivity, citing the love and support of his family, friends and fans as his reason to keep swinging.

It was in November of last year that The Ghost Inside’s tour bus collided with a semi-trailer, taking the lives of the two drivers and leaving the band’s members on a lengthy road to recovery.

If you’re able to help out, the band’s GoFundMe is still running, with all proceeds going towards The Ghost Inside and their families to assist with the burden of their subsequent medical costs.

Read Zach Johnson’s Instagram update below.

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