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The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Faces Brutal Setback; Still Swinging Harder


Exactly a fortnight ago, we reported that The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil had powered through a bone infection like a champ and was preparing for surgery to regain movement in his ankle. Vigil – alongside all of his bandmates – has been making incredible progress in the months following TGI’s tragic bus accident, but yesterday the vocalist took to Instagram to confirm he’d suffered a fairly brutal setback.

“One of the screws in my ankle came out and broke through the skin last night,” Vigil posted to Instagram. “I didn’t even know that was something that could happen. I had it removed today and go in for surgery tomorrow to replace all the current hardware in there so I don’t get another bone infection. It delays my recovery longer which means I’m further away from walking on my own.”

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As ever, the metalcore vocalist is remaining positive about his recovery, adding, “It’s irritating, it’s disheartening and it’s defeating BUT in the words of a very wise man… ‘There’s no set back that can set me back’.”

A recent update from Vigil explains that he’s since returned home from surgery and despite going “very well”, he’s stuck in bed for the next week or two. As ever, we’re sending all of the positive vibes we can muster straight to The Ghost Inside. If you’re able to donate to their cause and assist with their immense medical costs, you can do so by donating to their Gofundme.

You can view Jonathan Vigil’s Instagram post below:
~WARNING: The image below is quite graphic~

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