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The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk Enters Rehab As Jonathan Vigil Learns To Walk Again

The Ghost Inside-rehab
Photo by Anthony Norkus / via YouTube

Life’s swinging hard, but The Ghost Inside are swinging so much harder. It’s been a rough few months for the band, who are still recovering from a tour bus accident that ended in two fatalities and left the metalcore outfit with serious injuries. With the band members beginning to make progress in their recoveries, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has reinforced his dedication to returning to music.

The accident put Tkaczyk in a 10-day coma which concluded with him waking up to an amputated right leg. He also suffered rib, spine and hip fractures and ligament tears in his rotator cuff and labrum.

Despite his extensive injuries, Tkaczyk, speaking to Local Spins, remained positive about his future in music. “One way or another, I’m gonna figure it out”, he promised. “I have a long road of healing and recovery, but one way or another, I gotta get back to it because I don’t know anything else”.

Tkaczyk can now stand, pivot and move his right hand, enabling him to hold his drumsticks. Stephen Bloom, the Medical Director of Brain Injury and Trauma at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, has noted that Tkaczyk being able to drum again will require “custom-made prosthetics for his right leg that will have to be adapted for his kick pedal”.

Singer of The Ghost Inside, Jonathan Vigil, also announced via Twitter that he was making progress, posting a photo of himself standing on his “ok foot for the first time in two and a half months”. He added that “hopefully” he will able to walk on it in another month.

Donations are still being made daily to the Gofundme set up to contribute to The Ghost Inside’s medical expenses, so if you’d still like to donate, head here. A separate Gofundme for the benefit of the family of Greg Hoke, one of the drivers killed in the initial crash, is also still operating.

Watch a video of Tkaczyk’s progress from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital below.

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