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The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk Drums For The First Time Since Losing A Leg


The Ghost Inside have been making incredible strides as of late – in the past week alone, they’ve announced their return to touring and the addition of a second guitarist. Now, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has posted a video of himself behind the kit once again; the first time since having his leg amputated after the band’s industry-halting bus crash last November.

Today was a huge baby step,” he wrote. “EVERY encouraging word and support from you all has gotten me to this point. I may not reply to every single person, but I’ve read EVERY single message/comment etc. from every single one of you. Thank you all so much for being on my side on this journey, it means more than words can describe.”

New music is still a while off, however, and for now, recovery is the band’s primary mission: guitarist Zack Johnson lost several toes as a result of his injuries, and vocalist Jonathan Vigil – who is otherwise learning to walk again – is currently battling a bone infection.

Given the United States’ current health care system, the medical costs for each member have probably reached unfathomable heights by this point – the band are accepting donations to offset this slightly with a Gofundme campaign, which you should definitely chuck some spare change into. $157,620 has been raised thus far, but in honesty, that’s just a drop in the ocean of help the band could use.

Take a look at Andrew Tkaczyk’s instagram post below!

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