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The Black Parade Marches On; Are My Chemical Romance Teasing A Reunion?


It’s like a fucking war cry for mid-’00s emo kids, except instead of rile us all up, it has the complete opposite effect. The ‘G’ note is pure evil, but its significance is unrivalled; Jersey alt-shredders My Chemical Romance know this, and were probably gathered around a fire snickering maniacally between each other when they opted to soundtrack it on a reunion teaser so cryptic only they could have conjured it.

MCR initially called it quits in 2013, dropping an unexpected bombshell announcement right in the middle of a supposed LP #5’s studio sessions. All members have since been adamant that a reunion was totally off the cards, but as we near the ten-year anniversary of their 2006 opus, The Black Parade, it’s looking more and more likely that those claims were made with fingers crossed behind backs. Overnight, the quintet dropped a short video teasing 23/09/2016 – ten years (minus a month) since they dropped one of alternative rock’s most unforgettable releases.

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The band’s social media has all been updated with a new logo as well – flaunting the new acronym of MCRX – and their website has been treated to a full redesign, complete with new merch so you can wear your uncontrollable hype anywhere, anytime.

Thus brings us to the speculation of just what the fuck all of this means. It obviously ties in with The Black Parade, but will Gerard Way and co. simply drop a deluxe reissue of the record, or will we see the band embark on an enormous world tour to celebrate its anniversary? Furthermore, will this mean that My Chemical Romance are back for good!?

At the very least, we should see a tour in the works – after the initial March 2013 breakup, almost 25,000 fans petitioned for a farewell run that never went down. Their last shows before hanging up the towel were in early 2012, with their last full tour being one on Oz soil. Their final offering was a single titled “Fake Your Death”, released on their May Death Never Stop You greatest hits LP but initially slated to be a part of their cancelled full-length, The Paper Kingdom.

Since breaking up, all five members have kept relatively busy – Way released his solo debut, Hesitant Alien, in 2014, and is currently working on a massive five comic series (including a new chapter in the Umbrella Academy anthology). He stated earlier this year that he would write new music throughout 2016, but didn’t specify what project that would be for.

Frank Iero (guitar) also came out with a solo release in 2014, releasing Stomachaches under his Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration banner. Its follow-up is set to drop sometime this year as Frnkiero Andthe Patience, an Australian tour already having been announced to coincide with it. Death Spells – his project with drummer James Dewees – are also set to release Nothing Above, Nothing Below next Friday.

Bass king Mikey Way recently put out the debut Electric Century album, For The Night To Control, for free download on Amazon, while rhythm shredder Ray Toro has kept mostly quiet aside from the occasional one-off demo.

Watch the MCRX teaser below!

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