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The 2017 UNIFY Gathering Lineup Is Coming

There’s nothing like watching the strides made by Aussie label UNFD to make you realise you’re probably not doing enough with your life. In amongst signing on-the-up locals like Ocean Grove and The Brave, the team have casually been putting together the next instalment of Australia’s best heavy fest.

The last (and expectedly cryptic) update we got in regards to 2017’s UNIFY Gathering was a countdown on the official site that did little more than blast Darude’s “Sandstorm”. We know the countdown is set to end at 9am Wednesday June 22nd, and now we know that we can expect the full lineup that morning. Cheers, UNFD!

If our crystal ball predictions are anything to go by, we’re all going to pretty fucking stoked on next year’s fest, but in the meantime it looks like we’ll be twiddling our thumbs til June rolls around. On top of the lineup reveal, UNFD have also let slip that a “big announcement” will be taking plane on June 1st. Will UNIFY go national? Is a third day on the cards? Will Limp fucking Bizkit bring the he said, she said bullshit to Tarwin Meadows?

This year’s fest saw the UNIFY Gathering lineup expand from a who’s who of Aussie metalcore bands into an international extravaganza that even hit pop-punk kids right in the pizza-flavoured feels. So who the hell knows what they’ll manage to swing next year. The storm the sky is the limit.

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