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Sydney’s Lockdown Forces Decline In Live Music Ticket Sales

Winston McCall
Photo via Keep Sydney Open.

If you’re a promoter or band wondering why no one’s turning up to your shows anymore, you can blame Sydney’s lockout laws. The Federal Government’s Live Music Office has reported that ticket sales for live music in Sydney’s CBD are down a whopping 40%. The conclusion has been drawn from data collected by APRA-AMCOS between January 31, 2013 and February 1, 2015.

That’s not a typo. In case you need further statistical convincing of the detrimental impact of the lockout laws, which came into effect in February 2014, attendance at shows is down 19%, and venue spending on live music is down 15%.

If that wasn’t enough to piss you off, Sydney venue The Sly Fox’s promoters have been informed by licensing authorities in NSW that amplified music must cease to be played at 3am.

Live Music Office Policy Director John Wardle has reiterated the need for discussions about live music regulation. He noted that “it would do amazing things: build better relationships, capacity and help everyone understand the metrics of the industry so they can deliver better solutions”.

One solution to the problem could include exemptions for validated events that run late into the night, as suggested by Wardle, who proposed that “an exemption is ultimately what is required”. That solution has also been reinforced by venues such as Plan B Small Club (which you may recognise by its previous name Goodgod Small Club) being unable to host after parties due to the strict conditions of the restrictions.

Yesterday, activist group Keep Sydney Open led an estimated 15,000-strong peaceful protest from Belmore Park to Hyde Park, where Sydneysiders from all walks of life rallied against the laws’ infringement on their personal freedom.

The lockout laws have been slammed by artists including Parkway Drive, Royal Headache, Flight Facilities, and The Preatures, and despite Premier Mike Baird remaining adamant that they’re the solution, constant protest of the laws will hopefully result in a change in them sooner rather than later.

Watch Friendlyjordies’ video on the lockout laws below.

The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

Posted by Friendlyjordies on Sunday, 21 February 2016

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