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Surprise! New Parkway Drive Is Coming Next Week

Parkway Drive

There’s good days and there’s great days, and then there’s days where local heroes Parkway Drive announce the release of two new tracks and a remix featuring Jenna McDougall. It’s okay, we’re losing our shit, too.

»» Live Photos: Parkway Drive, Bateau Bay 2016 ««

The Byron heavyhitters let the news slip earlier today via their Facebook page with a post that says the digital deluxe edition of Ire will include two brand new tracks (“Devil’s Calling” and “Into The Dark”) as well as a remix of “A Deathless Song” featuring the vocals of Tonight Alive’s powerhouse frontwoman.

It’s almost like it’s a pairing we’ve seen somewhere before…

BLUNT #124

BLUNT covers aside, the two leading Aussie acts have shared stages and catering from the Warped Tour to UNIFY, and we’re stoked to hear them join forces for a reimagined version of Ire’s almighty closing track.

Ire 2.0 will be available online from next Friday July 15 (T-minus six days!) There’s no word yet on whether or not the bonus tracks will be available as separate downloads for those of who you’ve already spent your hard-earned on the album, but we’d like to think the Parkway boys wouldn’t stiff us like that.

Ire (Deluxe Edition) is out July 15th through Resist Records.

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