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South Korea Has Hangover-Curing Ice Cream, And We’ll Take Eight


Last night, Violent Soho made Sydney their bitch. Amidst a solid haze buzzing through the Enmore Theatre, there was a stack of good tunes, some killer circle pits, and a lot of alcohol. Despite our attempts to stay relatively responsible, we can honestly say we’re at the stage where we’re moving through the “hangover cure” list and crossing off what seems to be an endless amount of bullshit remedies. Greasy food, lemonade, more alcohol… None of it fucking works, fam.

Alas, South Korea – probably the most hardcore country on Earth when it comes to smashing down tinnies – have the answer: ice cream.

For reference, South Korea already spend $126-million per year on (mostly useless) products that aim to ail your alcoholic ailments: pills, foods, cosmetics – if it exists, they’ve got a version of it claiming to fuck your headaches and nausea right off. Ice cream is an interesting one, though, because unlike those nasty-ass pills that make your mouth taste like crunkcore afterwards, everybody loves ice cream. Everybody.

Named the ‘Gyeondyo-bar’ – which translates to “hang in there” – its creators claim that the grapefruit flavoured treat “expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking, as well as to provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking.” Count us right the fuck in.

The hangover-curing aspect comes from its 0.7% oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which has been a favourite for South Korean munters since the 17th century. Reports are yet to confirm whether or not the ice cream is, in fact, our proof that there is a god, but that will hardly stop people from desperately chowing down on as many as their stomachs will handle. We know for a fact that if this were to ever hit servo freezers Down Under, they’d sell out quicker than you could say “shoey” at a Soho gig.

You can’t cure a hangover with ice cream in Australia yet, but in the meantime, this is what we’re using:


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