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Some Dude Crushed His Nuts Stagediving At Millencolin


This is the type of stuff they write cartoons about. Adelaide punk rockers Grenadiers have (likely) been living out a teenage pipe dream these past few weeks, schlepping around the country with the beloved Swedes in Millencolin for their True Brew tour. Aside from screaming fans and sold out venues nationwide, they’ve seen some pretty cool shit.

Case in point: this poor bastard whose stagedive attempt went horribly, horribly – dear-god-you’ll-never-have-kids – wrong. During Millencolin’s set at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney, Grenadiers filmed a fan launching himself off the stage, only to land spread-legged on the barrier, square on his nads.

The fan – clearly in full menace mode with Grenadiers confirming that he also knocked a foldback off the stage – casually strolls to the front before having a crack at the age-old punk pastime. Keep a close watch on the bottom left of the video (though who are we kidding, you’ll be watching this more than once).

May this clip find its way to a YouTube fails compilation post-haste.

Watch the cringe-inducing footage of a guy getting his nuts crushed below.

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