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Slaves Haven’t Broken Up, But They’re A Two-Piece Now

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Things have not been easy for Slaves – nor has it been for their fans. The post-hardcore Californians announced last month that they were no longer a band effective immediately, having then wrapped up an enormous headlining tour with Capture The Crown and Myka Relocate. Especially since the quintet still had a pretty solid slate of tour dates on the horizon, the news came as a shock.

Just a few days later, frontman Jonny Craig came out with an open letter detailing his current struggles with addiction: “I want you, the fans, to know that I’m doing my best to get through these current tours. I will try my best to stay clean and finish these,” he said. The lengthy post ended with a slither of hope for the Slaves brand, teasing a future with the lineup of Craig and bassist Colin Viera.

Today, a new statement has been released confirming that, yep, Slaves will live on as a duo! “No we didn’t break up,” the band wrote in a Facebook post. “Things are a little different, and its just Jonny Craig and Colin Vieira now, but we are about to go on tour in Europe and are in the process of writing. Expect an interview from us to further clear things up in the very near future! Thanks for riding with us through this crazy journey called life!”

We still don’t trust Jonny with our Macbooks, but hey, we’re stoked to see where Slaves go next!

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