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Slatts Everyday – Oz’s Latest Eco-warrior

You know him as our newly appointed advice columnist Auntie Slatts, but King Parrot’s Wayne Slattery aka Slatts Everyday can now add eco-warrior to his growing list of credentials as he puts his life on display in Australia’s first carbon positive home in City Square in Melbourne.

From Feb 9-13, Slatts – under the tutelage of longtime TV personality Denise Drysdale – will be living like “The New Joneses” and undertaking a series of lifestyle changes and challenges, including sourcing his own clothes, furniture and homewares second-hand all in the name of doing more with less. Slatts will be setting the standard for the rest of us by cutting his energy usage, eliminating food waste (which means he’ll be cutting back his meat intake to twice a week), buying direct from Aussie producers, living chemical-free, tending to a worm farm, wearing luxurious robes and more, all as a way of maximising resources and minimising waste.

Skip to a minute in to check out Slatts being an utterly charming gent on Sunrise this morning.

If you wanna quiz Slatts on the best way to be sustainable – or literally any deranged query that pops into your head – fill out the form below or jump on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #AskAuntieSlatts.

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